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From the moment Wal Cherry brought his unique brand of inspiration to Flinders as our foundation Professor of Drama, Flinders University has fostered vibrant artistic excellence through our creative arts program.

For 50 years Flinders has nurtured the aspirations of those who would pursue creative roles in theatre, film, writing, music and more.

Many of our alumni have established remarkable and influential creative careers. Brink Productions, The Border Project, Circus Oz, Red Shed and The Angels are amongst the many stellar success stories to emerge from Flinders; we’re proud to showcase even more as part of this inspiring and illuminating exhibition.

It is by no means an exhaustive list, but a snapshot of the myriad talents that have risen to prominence in the past half century. I’m confident we’ll see yet more stars added to the Flinders firmament as the students of today – and tomorrow – follow enthusiastically in the footsteps of these fifty inspiring Flinders Creatives.

Flinders University inspires a legacy of artistic excellence from current and future students as they work with award winning teaching staff and researchers in areas including drama, screen, creative writing, digital media, dance, fashion, and visual arts.

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