Zainah Rahmiati

If “a book is a device to ignite the imagination” (in the words of British playwright Alan Bennett) then Flinders alumna Zainah Rahmiati has set alight […]

Creatively Flinders

From the moment Wal Cherry brought his unique brand of inspiration to Flinders as our foundation Professor of Drama, Flinders University has fostered vibrant artistic excellence […]

Life behind the silver screen

At the age of 16 Dr Scott Hicks (BA(Hons) ’75) enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University, where he discovered the doorway to what […]

Phillip Kavanagh - The scene setter

A three-year lead time gave emerging playwright Phillip Kavanagh plenty of time to speculate about the response to his newest work, Deluge. While his previous form […]

Mem Fox - Captivating generations

It’s a Saturday afternoon. There are three shop assistants lined up at the checkout of an Adelaide sports store, swooning simultaneously. It’s not a footballer or […]