Finding and fostering social justice for all

Families from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds can experience another layer of complexity and vulnerability when engaging with our state’s child protection system. The need […]

Mending our healthcare carbon footprint

Healthcare is remarkably overrepresented in Australia’s total carbon footprint breakdown, which puts anaesthetists in a unique position to help reduce emissions – precisely what Dr Scott […]

Disability is no barrier to success

More than a decade ago, Bruce Meatheringham (BBehavSc(Hons) ’22), who is autistic with a learning disability, was working in a factory and had never thought that […]

Forging a positive path for young clinicians

A world-leader of laboratory and clinically-based research in ophthalmology and vision science, Professor Justine Smith (PhD(Med) ’99) has chaired countless eye and vision meetings, won a […]

Improving health through sustainability

In her relatively short career as a research dietitian, Kim Anastasiou (BNutDiet(Hons) ’18) has built a strong peer network, frequently collaborating with researchers and youth advocates […]

New ground in bioproduct benefits

Focusing on marine bioproducts for human health and nutrition, Dr Suvimol Charoensiddhi’s (PhD (Med) ’17) research on the biorefinery of South Australian brown seaweeds has for […]