CFI in the media – January 2020

ABC News Adelaide: In the next decade, one in five people in Australia will be over the age of 65, and in a state like South Australia, an already ageing population is having an impact. Read more

The Senior: Flinders University is conducting studies into “altered eating” – a term applied to the inability to enjoy food and eat well because of ageing, neurological conditions and malignancies. Read more

National Tribune: Free health care will be offered to homeless families in Adelaide’s south under a bold new initiative led by UnitingCare Wesley Bowden and research by Flinders University. Read more

ABC Radio: Disability abuse in group homes: experts say complete restructure needed
Experts have told the Disability Royal Commission that the philosophy of group homes needs a complete rethink if they’re to continue to exist. Featuring comments from the Caring Futures Institute’s Professor Sally Robinson. Read more

InDaily: Academics bring together social work hot buttons
Growing up on a farm, Professor Sarah Wendt came to understand a thing or two about isolation. And when she became a social worker, those insights began to inform her work, especially around domestic violence. Read more

Sydney Morning Herald: What are your options if you’re elderly and need care?
What options are available to people who need care when they’re elderly? What are the costs? And how do you make sure you or your loved ones are getting good and safe care? Read more

Mirage News: Who will care for older people with an intellectual disability?
Flinders research calls for more planning for the care of older adults with intellectual and other disabilities as their parents get too old or cannot care for them anymore. Read more

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