Your FAQs – June

Each month we will share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

  1. We have just come to the end of teaching. I’ve had some wonderful feedback in my SETs and I have ideas of how to change my topic to encompass this feedback. I’d like to do this straight away while it is all fresh, but I believe current students still have access to this site. How do I proceed?
    •  Yes – you are correct, current students continue to have access to the current site for a year after teaching finishes. The site should remain as it is. The teaching site for the next instance of your topic won’t be created by the systems until 90 days before the next time it will be taught, but your eLearning support team can create a development site for you and import a copy of your current site. You can build this ‘dev site’ up ready and then at rollover time for the next teaching period, your development site can be copied into your teaching site. You might also like to contact your college Learning Designer for some support and ideas.
      Contact your College eLearning team
  2. How do I make sure my gradebook is setup correctly, and how do I know what students can see?
    • Gradebook setup
      To look at your gradebook setup, go to Administration > Gradebook setup.  This page will show you how your topic total is being calculated. Most commonly, FLO gradebooks use a ‘weighted mean of grades’ method. You will see two columns – weight and max score. The weights entered should correspond to the assessment item’s % in your Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM). Items which are in the gradebook but are not a component of the topic total should have a weight of 0 to eliminate them from the calculations. The gradebook can also do more complex calculations (eg highest score of a set of items such as highest 10 of 12 quizzes).
      If want help, contact your eLearning team.
    • Student view of grades
      If you want to see how your students see the gradebook, go to the ‘View’ tab, then to the ‘User report’. Select any student from the drop-down list. You can choose if you wish to view the report as ‘Myself’ or as ‘User’.  Viewing as “User” will show exactly what the selected student sees.  Viewing as “Myself” you will also show items hidden from the student. These items will be in grey text.

      Tip: The student view of gradebook generally includes columns showing the items ‘calculated weight’ and the ‘contribution to topic total’. These can be removed from student view via the options in Topic grade settings (setup tab).

      Gradebook entry (eLearning Gateway) – for all gradebook how-tos (including screen grabs and step-by-step instructions).

  3. I’d like my students to see their overall grade (credit, pass etc), but not the actual marks. How can I do this?
    • This is easy to do. You set the items grade display type to ‘Letter’. To do this go to Administration > Gradebook setup. Find the item that you wish to display as a grade and choose ‘edit settings’ from the item’s ‘Edit’ menu. Use the ‘show more’ link to see all the settings. For the ‘grade display type’ select ‘letter’.
      Other options include:

      • Real – this is the numerical score
      • Percentage
      • Letter (percentage) – Letter grade with percentage displayed in brackets
      • Letter (real) – Letter grade with numerical score displayed in brackets
    • Tip: It might be best to set this on all items from the beginning of the topic.
      Show grades as letters (eLearning Gateway) – for all gradebook how-tos (including screen grabs and step-by-step instructions).

Karen Lillywhite
Learning Designer – CILT

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