Do your students need to develop their English language skills for the academic context?

At university, it is essential for students to possess a good command of the English language with a particular focus on usage for the academic context. This could potentially be challenging for students from a non-English speaking background. Do you have students who could benefit from support in developing English language skills for the higher education environment? If yes, the English Language Support Program (ELSP), a 6-week structured program offered by the Student Learning Centre, may be well suited to the learning needs of your students.

Currently, several modules such as grammar, listening and discussion, reading academic texts, pronunciation and academic writing are on offer. These modules are useful for students who are struggling to communicate effectively in their disciplines. Each module is conducted through a workshop format where students are taught the core skills and have opportunities to practice the targeted skills in a supportive environment.

The modules are free and delivered by experienced academic staff. Registrations for Semester 1, 2019 will open in the new year. By participating in the ELSP, students have the opportunity to develop these vital academic skills, build confidence and participate fully in their disciplinary communities.

Contributed by Dr Lalitha Velautham
Teaching Specialist – Student Learning Centre

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2 thoughts on “Do your students need to develop their English language skills for the academic context?

  1. I want to join in this session. I want help in writing a case study and the way of searching for assignment.
    Are you providing a 1 or 2-day session for academic writing?

  2. Dear Nidhi,
    Thank you for your enquiry. The Student Learning Centre does not run a workshop specifically on writing a case study. However, you may refer to the Study Guide on writing a case study. The link is as follows:
    Additionally, the Student Learning Centre offers a 7 week Academic Writing Module through the English Language Support Program. Details can be found in the link below:
    All the best!

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