Using Collaborate (FLO tool) to increase student engagement

Collaborate is an educational tool that increases student engagement and promotes social learning. With Collaborate you can synchronise online sessions using video and audio and other tools such as screen sharing, polling, whiteboard and more.

The benefits of Collaborate:

  • Breaks down geographical barriers for teacher-to-student or student-to-student communication and collaboration.
  • Supports getting students into groups during online sessions.
  • Helps improve completion rates and retention by engaging students and reducing the sense of isolation for off-campus students.
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles and design principles.

Collaborate can be used for:

  • Presentations and student-led sessions
  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Oral exams
  • Interviews
  • Formative assessment

Organising online learning activities for students is effortlessly done through creating sessions in your FLO topic. Just bring your materials and questions and Collaborate will accommodate your needs in a way or another.

If you are interested learning more about using Collaborate in your teaching, please visit the eLearning Gateway, or attend a workshop (Collaborate: The Basics and Collaborate: Beyond the Basics).

For support, contact your College eLearning team via Service One.  They will be able to assist you regarding how to get the most out of Collaborate for your educational needs and solve any potential issues that might arise.

Contributed by Mustafa Ameen
Learning Designer, CILT

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