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Each month we share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q: Are any analytics available for videos uploaded using Kaltura?
There are analytics available in the topic Media Vault which can be very useful for gaining insights into how your students are using video content in your topic.

These topic-wide analytics are only available if you publish your videos from your My Media into the Media Vault before embedding them into your FLO topic. You can do this quickly and easily when you upload a video to FLO (see entry: upload to FLO), or if you didn’t publish it to the topic Media Vault when you uploaded, you can do this from within My Media or from the Media Vault at any time after uploading. (see entry: Media Vault).

More information can be found in the FLO Staff Support site or you can contact your eLearning support team.

Q: I would like to start preparing for my 2021 semester 1 topic(s), but I can’t see the topic when I login to FLO. Why is that so?
There are a couple of reasons why the topic isn’t visible when you login to FLO:

  • The topic is not accessible yet– Teaching teams get access to their 2021 semester 1 FLO topic(s) 77 days before the topic start date
  • You are not enrolled in the teaching team– Access to a topic FLO site is based on your teaching team role/s in Student Management. To be enrolled into the topic complete a Service One request (Education > FLO – Teaching Team Member Update).

Q: I’m a new Topic coordinator, what do I need to do to get my topic(s) ready?
Whether you are a new or existing topic coordinator, you may find the Preparing for teaching in FLO site useful for tracking FLO-related tasks associated with effective topic coordination. Links to support resources/information are provided in the FLO site.

For help with strategies and advice about online learning, contact a Learning Designer via your local College-based Online Learning and Teaching team.

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