New modes of delivery coming in 2022

As courses and topics are prepared in various administrative systems for the 2022 teaching year, you will start to see some new modes of delivery. A ‘mode’ refers to the way a course or topic is studied.

Course modes include:

  • On campus (ONC) – This course requires in person attendance and access to Flinders Learning Online.
  • Partial on campus (POC) – This course is online and some in person attendance on campus or in a work integrated learning context is mandatory.
  • Online (ONL) – This course is available to study completely online

Topic modes include:

  • On campus (ONC) – This topic requires in person attendance and access to Flinders Learning Online.
  • Partial on campus (POC) – Most topic resources, interaction, assessment and activities are available on Flinders Learning Online. This topic requires some in person attendance.
  • Online (ONL) – This topic is available to study completely online.

The new modes of delivery (and definitions) were approved by the Education Quality Committee to ensure consistency and clarity in the system to facilitate effective support for students and staff.

Work is well underway to implement these ‘modes’ across courses and topics in relevant learning and teaching systems in preparation for the 2022 teaching year. The following implementation steps are in progress:

  • modes created in relevant systems (CourseLoop, Student Management, Timetable)
  • data for topic availabilities and courses will be used to map old modes to the new modes in CourseLoop and Student Management
  • flow-on work impacting timetabling and FLO

Existing modes will map to new modes as follows:

Existing modes Mapping to new modes
Internal On campus
External Partial on campus
Online Online

In most cases there will be a direct mapping. In a small percentage of cases direct mapping may not be suitable (e.g. where work integrated learning is involved or where direct mapping results in an inaccurate representation of delivery). In such cases suitable adjustments will be made and Colleges will be contacted seeking clarification of delivery.

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