EQ Collaborative Champion Award   

The Education Quality Team is committed to respectfully supporting, collaborating and partnering with colleagues across the university to deliver high quality, learner centred education. Through these partnerships and collaborations, we often come across colleagues who go above and beyond in their championing of customer service and collegiality. These are the people who work with us in our pursuit of educational quality and respect the complex and often challenging administrative terrain we navigate.   

To give back to our friends and acknowledge these working relationships that make our lives easier and our work more efficient, we have created the Educational Quality Collaborative Champion Award.   

Read on to find out who is this month’s winner! 

By unanimous vote, the Educational Quality Team is pleased to announce this month’s recipient of the Educational Quality Collaborative Champion Award: 

Professor Eric Bouvet
Dean (Education), College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences  

For exemplifying a friendly and responsive attitude to interactions with the Educational Quality Team and an informed and considered approach to educational quality compliance and improvement.   

Thank you Eric, and congratulations. An award pack is on its way. 

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