CMBD 2021 End of Year Celebration

CMBD held its Christmas celebration on December 9th, 2021. The team enjoyed a festive Thai meal at the Star of Siam Restaurant, Gouger Street, Adelaide. As is the CMBD tradition, a Chris Cringle gift was shared out by the team ‘Santa’, Prof. Chris Franco. A great time was had by all.

During the celebration, the Chair of the Advisory Board, Prof. Robert Lewis thanked Prof. Wei Zhang for his vision, hard work, and dedication to the Centre. Prof. Lewis presented a gift to Prof. Zhang from the staff and students of CMBD, in appreciation of his outstanding contribution as the inaugural Director of the Centre and to the development of marine science.

Prof. Zhang was the driver of the successful Flinders University, Marine Bioproducts CRC (MB-CRC) bid. He will soon take the new position of Research Director, MB-CRC.

We wish Prof. Wei Zhang well in his new appointment!

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