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Flinders Bachelor of Arts (Dance)


Dreaming of a job in the dance industry, but not sure if it is worth studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) at Flinders University? Maybe we can help fill you in. 

If you have an undying passion for dance and want to expand on your school’s production of The Nutcracker, then we’ve got good news for you.  

From a degree to jobs in dance

Studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Dance can open up a medley of career opportunities and will give you the guidance you need when turning your stories into a show. The skills you develop over your three years of studying this degree will not only let you be the best dancer you can be, but you will also be provided with the theory around performance, theatre, dramaturgy and choreography. 

To increase your success in a job in dance, you can further deepen your skills and make industry connections during an honours year in Dance. Flinders’ first Dance Honours student Alix Kuijpers will surely inspire you.  

Top 5 Jobs in Dance 

1. Performer (Contemporary Dance Industry)

As a performer, you can find employment in small and large contemporary dance companies, both nationally and internationally. You will dance and/or collaborate in dance projects or independent dance collectives across a multitude of platforms. With a range of different theatre and production companies, you can take on work in any show incorporating movement. 

2. Choreographer

Create original dance choreographies for collectives, companies and projects that perform across a range of performance scenarios and mediums, such as theatre, galleries, events, and performance space installations. As a choreographer, you will be participating as a dance maker in collaborative, creative teams that bring a range of diverse skills together for performance. 

3. Dance Filmmaker

As a dance filmmaker, you’ll work with multi-skilled, creative people to create original dance for film or utilise your own editing and filming-making skills to realise a work. You can also present original dance on film around the world, be it on screens or streamed, live or recorded.  

4. Dance Teacher

Teach contemporary dance across a range of different training levels – from beginners to advanced. You’ll be able to instruct in individual and group rehearsal coaching as well as contemporary dance classes, covering professional companies through to amateur school settings. What to do more than just teach in community, private and industry settings? By furthering your study, you can also qualify as a teacher at institutions and schools offering certifications across Australia and overseas.  

5. Project Co-ordinator/Administrator

 Manage all the behind-the-scenes of dance productions including grant writing, budget preparation and project coordination. Use your creative skills to develop marketing materials to spread the word of an upcoming production or look for the next dance prodigy to join your company. 

Your future awaits you with the Dance degree 

There are so many dance job opportunities available by studying the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance), offered in collaboration with TAFE SA, and we have only named five. Preparing you for a career in Dance, Flinders University has the education and pathway possibilities for you.  

Apply for the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) today! 

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