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By now, you would’ve all heard about The Void but have you seen what goes on inside? Come to the Virtual Production Showcase and experience The Void in action.

Senior Lecturer and Motion Capture Specialist Jason Bevan and AV Lead and The Void Project Coordinator Cameron Mackness will take you on a ride through the numerous projects that have been undertaken in 2022 and explain the future of Virtual Production.

“Flinders is leading the way in Virtual Production tuition in Universities and boasts one of the only facilities of its kind in South Australia and beyond. However, in order to fully appreciate what is possible in this environment, the best way to get ideas racing and projects formalised is to experience the possibilities in person and get an idea of what has been done already in our faculty”, Jason emphasises.

“Come and take part, ask questions, make connections and get inspired by the possibilities for the future”.

What to expect at the Virtual Production Showcase

Jason tells us he’ll “be showcasing a number of the Virtual Production projects that have utilised The Void in some capacity over the last year. This includes taught Topic works across Digital Media, Drama and Screen, research project work linked to externally funded grants and finally some commercially focused projects.

“Audiences will get to hear about the breadth of work that is taking place in the space and get an understanding of the core value of The Void, being a sandbox of experimentation to problem-solve a creative task, using the most up-to-date technology available.

“Ultimately, we are experimenting with new methods of filmmaking, broadcasting, interacting with audiences or putting on live performances, so each output we will be showcasing is unique and has a distinct problem to solve.

“In addition, we will be demonstrating the facility’s potential and asking for audience participation in operating the film cameras in a virtual environment and even getting in front of the camera in a virtual world to experience In-Camera Visual Effects.

Experience the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts

The Virtual Production Showcase is just one of many events during the Flinders Festival of Creative Arts. The Festival week will let you experience the full scope of Creative Arts degrees at Flinders.

Jason is excited, “I am very much looking forward to the Film screenings, Dry Winter and the Screen Student Showcase: Sunset Screening. It is always great to see the students’ stories come alive on screen and every single film will showcase a different director’s genre, style and tone for audiences to experience.

“Similarly, the Drama Student Showcase: be/coming will be an event not to be missed. We have some amazing performers here at Flinders that, again, are a joy to watch.

Why attend the Festival?

“We are always so embedded into our own teaching and research work during term time that we sometimes don’t get the chance to see the wonderful work of our colleagues, the students and the research work that is taking place in our faculty.

“The Festival is a brilliant opportunity at the end of the semester, to celebrate the work of all of the Creative Artists at Flinders as we get a chance to see everything from drama performances, film screenings, exhibitions and virtual production work.

“I am genuinely excited to see as much as I possibly can, which will open up so many collaborative opportunities for the faculty in the future. When there is a true appreciation of each other’s craft, we all get excited about how we can work together to increase the potential of the final output and involve a multitude of disciplines. I feel in that respect, the event is just as important for staff to view as it is for all the creative arts students.  

“This is the first Creative Arts festival at Flinders and I would just encourage everyone to get involved, go to as many events as you can during the week and get to see the talent we have in Creative Arts.”

Register for the Virtual Production Showcase

You heard it, get registering to save your spot at these amazing events.

You can take part in the Virtual Production Showcase on Tuesday, 15 Nov, at either 10.30am – 12pm or at 2 – 3.30pm. Should you not be able to make it to either session, project work will also be screened on The Void’s LED screens during the whole Festival week from 9am onwards.

Register for the Virtual Production Showcase and any of the other Flinders Festival of Creative Arts events. See you there!

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