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Brittany Gallasch's Firearm Training For Film & TV

Having graduated from the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) (now: Bachelor of Performance (Acting)), it was at Flinders Drama Centre where Brittany developed her acting skills for both theatre and screen. It was also at Flinders that she discovered her love of physical theatre and making things. Fast-forward to the end of 2023 and she’s just completed a Master of Virtual Production at Flinders, specialising in motion capture performance, and has won the sought-after Helpmann Academy Creative Investment Fellowship along with 4 other recipients, including Flinders graduates Gianluca Noble and Virginia Blackwell.

Brittany Gallasch at TitanBorn

Honing her motion capture skills 

Brittany is using her opportunity as a recipient of the ‘Helpmann Academy Creative Investment Fellowship’ for 2024 to produce a quality showreel, showcasing two years of her motion capture experience and skill development.  

She tells us, “I returned to London in April to distribute my showreel and reconnect with valuable networks I established last year. While in London I trained with Dimitius Kafaris from ‘TitanBorn’ where I grew my fight and combat skills for motion capture.  

“I also shaped my own business model to run motion capture workshops back in Adelaide, drawing inspiration from the amazing mentorship of Ace Ruele from ‘Creature Bionics’. I did character voice training for video games and animations, enhancing my existing vocal skills to bring digital personas to life.  

“I’m truly grateful for this opportunity which promises to enrich many areas of my professional growth!” 

Brittany Gallasch's motion capture work

Benefitting from Flinders’ partnership with the Helpmann Academy 

Brittany’s interest in motion capture first began at Flinders when she got to use the technology at ‘The Void’, Flinders’ multipurpose production stage and motion capture studio.  

“Through these experiments I could see the benefits of actors learning more about motion capture performance and its applications across various projects in the video game and film industries.  

“I’ve been very fortunate to have the support of both the Helpmann Academy and Flinders University for a number of professional development opportunities such as the ‘Elevate Mentorship’ program. Paul-William Mawhinney, a motion capture specialist and coach based in London, mentored me in the fundamental skills of motion capture performance. Flinders allowed me to use ‘The Void’ to apply the skills I learned with Paul in a real studio environment, facilitating hands-on learning and experimentation.  

“Upon completing my Master of Virtual Production at Flinders, I continued to expand my expertise as a motion capture performer, delving into performance capture and mastering tools like Unreal Engine to create my own content. This journey has been instrumental in shaping a sustainable career path for myself, and I am grateful for the support and opportunities provided by both Helpmann Academy and Flinders. 

Brittany Gallasch motion capture

Interested in pursuing motion capture yourself? 

Brittany’s advice is to “embrace your curiosity and take risks. There’s often a pressure to quickly define yourself as an artist, but the truth is, true discovery comes from exploring a wide range of interests and skills. Don’t be afraid to try out new mediums, experiment with different techniques, or pursue unconventional paths. Clarity comes from engagement.” 

So what are you waiting for? Explore Flinders’ Creative Arts degrees and find the right one for you. 

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