Service One – New technology platform & we’ve moved!

Over the last few months, the Service One team has been working on and planning for a transition on to a new technology platform. The team has been talking to service teams across the university and planning for the changes ahead.

From a technical perspective, the team are currently building the foundations for future development with our new (and improved!) technology platform and will be completing work in the next few months to transition all current Service One services to our new technology platform. With the help of a walking billboard (thanks Lesley!), the team captured lots of feedback on the Service One UI design at the IDS Expo in March and is now using this to inform improvements to the user experience that will be introduced as part of the transition.

The team will be sharing more news about the Service One changes over the next few months via FIT and other channels.

If you’d like further information on the project, visit us in IST Room 368 (If you’re brave enough to walk up the steep hill), or have a look at our Service One Project page, contact us at


Front Row, left to right: Etienne Van Niekerk – Junior Systems Analyst,  Jalia Vitard-Herring – Junior Business Analyst, Alice Barnett – Program Coordinator, Lesley Parker – Senior Project Manager, Jess Jones – Systems Analysis Officer, Ramya Katpalli – Systems Analyst, Neena Binu – Systems Analyst

Back Row, left to right: Con Borg – Change Manager, Angas Smith – UX specialist , Steve Butler – Integration Specialist, Victoria Wright – Senior Business Analyst, Nikhil Bhalia – Consultant

Absent: Leanne Beerworth – Business Analyst, Kelvin McCarthy – Technical Lead, Ian George – Solution Architect , Lee Crawford – Area Expert


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