Want your service in Service One? Here’s how.



The Service One team has identified over 500 services for migration to Service One. These services are prioritised every 90 days, at our board meeting.

If you have a Service that you feel should be on Service One, or know of an already identified service that you would like to fast track, please speak to your local board representative.

Our current board consists of the following people:

Board members

Mr Chris Bishop(Product Owner): Director, College Services, College of Business, Government, and Law (BGL
Prof. Ian Menz(Chair): Dean People and Resources, College of Science and Engineering
Mr Mark Gregory: Vice-President (Corporate Services)
Prof. Michelle Miller: Dean, People and Resources, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Ms Jodieann Dawe: Director, Research Development and Support (RDS)
Mr Mark Drechsler: Associate Director, Service Delivery and Innovation, Student Administration Services (SAS)
Mr Steve Barrett: Director, People and Culture (P&C)
Mr Feisar Joya: Associate Director, Client Services, Information and Digital Services (IDS)
Ms Nicole Fishers: Associate Director, Digital Business Services, Information and Digital Services (IDS)


What if i don’t have a local board member?

If you don’t have a local board member, feel free to contact the most appropriate board member for your area or, go to Service One, select the “Provide Feedback” button, and add your feedback


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