Bag of training goodies for staff!

The festive season is on us and the Business Improvement program has lots to share.

Continuous Improvement is a journey and with the right tools, one can make the most out of it.

Based on the staff demand and feedback, we are launching a suite of training programs which are designed to assist you to make ongoing improvements in your work space.

  • ‘Problem Solving’, where you learn how to define a problem objectively and get people together to build solutions that can be implemented easily
  • ‘Lean tools & techniques’ where you gain insights on a range of Lean tools (and we will share over half a dozen) that help meet a different challenge, thus powering you with a range of tools
  • ‘Process Documentation’ enables you to map your process and write standard operating procedures. Discover the common mistakes made and best practices. In this constant changing world (and team members), process documentation is worth its weight in gold


While the Problem Solving’ training launched to packed training rooms this year, the remaining will be on offer from early 2020.

We understand you have a busy schedule, hence these sessions are just 3 hours long. You can attend one or all three, though we recommend you attend ‘Problem Solving’ along-with ‘Lean tools & techniques’ to make the most out of them.

Watch out for the email from PDU to learn about the schedule.

Happy Learning!

PS – if you know of a process that can be delivered better, let us know!


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