Changing Approaches to Change Management

The following article from a major Australian Change Management company describes the changing nature of (a) system implementation and (b) the role of training.

No longer do we have the luxury of carefully crafted change management and training plans delivered in planned sequence to willing, attentive customers. The drive to faster and more cost-effective implementation of technology projects leaves us with less time to plan change and soften its impact.

So from the old story of “plan, act, review” we are now in the post-modern cycle of “act, observe, intervene”. It’s a world of “vanilla” systems and just-in-time business process adaptation. Most importantly, the role of the trainer has changed. Their job is to assist the customer at every turn post go-live with guidance, support, and empathy about how to make the change work.

Far from being unsettling, this provides change managers and trainers with exciting new opportunities to provide high value services to customers, hungry for knowledge.

Welcome to the new road to BAU!

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