How do I use the microphone?

Q. How do I use the microphone?

A. To use the lapel microphone, clip the microphone to your clothing (ideally near your sternum) and turn on the switch on the top of the microphone. To use the handheld microphone, turn it on using the switch on the base of the microphone.

If you forget to use the microphone, a member of the video support team may call via the phone in the room to alert you.

Remember to switch off the microphone and return to the charging station where appropriate.

This Quick Guide has the full instructions and tips for using a lapel mic.

Additonally, this page has helpful guides for the AV setup in many of our teaching spaces. If you’re new to teaching at Flinders or are teaching in a new space for the first time, we also offer short orientation sessions to help you get the most from your teaching room technology. Find our more and register here.

If you need help on location in a teaching space, please contact IT Helpdesk on extension 12345, option 1.

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