Curriculum Management Program Overview


Digital Student and Teaching Services are partnering with the Education Quality Team, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) to commenced a program aiming to implement a curriculum management solution at Flinders.  The Program is progressing well, with the tender for a new curriculum management system currently underway.

Curriculum Management Program Overview

Compliance, consistency, transparency and ease of use are four of the most critical factors in successful curriculum management. The Curriculum Management Program (CMP) seeks to enable all four factors, through a technology-based, people cantered solution underpinned by appropriate policy and related procedures. Flinders currently operates in a complex environment without a single system to store and manage curriculum information related to its 2764 topics and associated learning outcomes, 518 coursework courses, over 3000 active Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) and the University’s graduate qualities.

CMP is seeking a solution that will:

  • Support Flinders’ flexible program structures and associated curriculum.
  • Validate unit values, topic availabilities and course structures.
  • (course rules) to ensure students can successfully progress through their degree.
  • Identify topic and enrolment incompatibilities (eg. prerequisites not met, insufficient topics for students to enrol in for a study period or misaligned enrolment/ study plan).
  • Integrate with, and act as the ‘source of truth’ for a range of systems, including the Learning Management System, Student System and University websites.

The successful implementation of the CMP will have wide reaching benefits for academic and professional staff, students and external bodies, such as:

  • Greater topic and course compliance and quality assurance.
  • Improved system generated/automated reporting.
  • Transparency regarding how topic/ course changes impact other course structures and course learning outcomes.
  • Visibility of dependencies between topics/ courses.
  • Greater automation of processes and workflows resulting in reduced staff workloads.
  • More clearly defined and consistent process flows.
  • Greater system integration, reducing duplicate effort.
  • Consistency of information and data wherever it is accessed.
  • Reduced demand from students as they can self-serve enrolment and study plan information.
  • Visibility of how assessments and topics contribute to a student’s achievement of graduate qualities.
  • Improved industry relationships.

Key Contacts

  • Project sponsor – Prof. Deborah West
  • Product Owner – Lorraine Karunaratne

Project team

  • Project Manager – Anitha Thomas
  • Senior Business Analyst – Saurav Gupta
  • Change Manager – Jess Tovara
  • Change Analyst – Michelle Berrigan
  • Training Specialist – Ali Potter

Download the CMP one page overview of the Curriculum Management Program or refer to the Curriculum Management Program website.

If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Project Team via

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