Tips for smarter grocery shopping!

By Phoebe Si-En Thong : final year Nutrition and Dietetic student

Reviewed by Rebecca Greco, Accredited Practising Dietitian, MND, B.HlthSci (1A)

Ever entered a supermarket with the intention of only purchasing one or two items but you came out with a bagful of things instead? Well, I certainly have!

Supermarkets are designed in a way which can allow us to lose control and spend lots of money if we’re not careful.

Therefore, here are some tips to help get you through the supermarkets without giving in to all the enticing deals and items!

1. Plan in advance and have a list of things that you want to get

A useful tip that I personally follow is to always plan in advance the meals that I am going to be cooking that week and from there, I will then come up with a shopping list. By sticking to such a list, it will ensure that I will only be getting the things I really need and this will help me avoid any of those impulse purchases.

2. Check out the online catalogues before heading to the store

Different supermarkets have different items on sale each week. Checking out and comparing the various online catalogues before heading to the store could actually save you some extra money!

3. Have something to eat before you shop

If you shop on an empty stomach, you may be more tempted to succumb to temptations and grab that bag of chips or can of sugary drink.

4. Buy produce in season

Foods in season are usually cheaper as compared to other parts of the year. For example, a punnet of blueberries can go up to $4 when it is not in season, but prices can go as low as $2 when in season. For more information, you can visit for a seasonal food guide.

5. Read the labels

When comparing products, be sure to check the prices per 100g / 100ml. Sometimes, a product might seem more expensive but when you look and compare the prices per 100g / 100ml, it could actually be cheaper!

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9 thoughts on “Tips for smarter grocery shopping!

  1. Lovely article, very useful information and was a pleasant read! Glad I was referred to this by Ping!, here is FAN for competition “kris0119”

  2. It’s helpful. However, sometimes I find that even if I get the list done before shopping.
    I still get something more than I need due to the discount.


  3. Thanks for the awesome tips! I will definitely keep these in mind next time I head to the shops! 🙂
    Here is my FAN for the competition: rams124

  4. As a student on a low income I try and fill my shopping up with lots of fruits and vegetables. I set a budget and try and avoid the sugary junk isles all together. I plan ahead for the week listing all my meals. Often I’m using potatoes, rice or frozen veg to add more calories into my meals. Fan boxa0013

  5. This post is very helpful and informative with some tips which can apply for everyone.

    Besides, I would like to share more tips for reducing the price when buying grocery as below:
    – Coles & Woolworths: This is the best places for shopping can/snacks and soft drinks with weekly half-price promotions.
    – Drakes: I found it as the cheapest supermarket to buy protein. I usually buy protein with the discount of 50%. This means I need to pay $4 or $5 per kg for fresh chicken, pork and beef. The weakness is to need to come earlier to buy because the discount product can be out of stock soon.
    – Aldi: The local product with the good price. The most often I have bought is 12 eggs just for $3.
    – Community market: Our university has one! Yes, it is awesome to know and buy everything below $2 or get free stuff. However, most of them is expired, hence, you need to look the expired date before buying.
    – Free events: Some events not only in Flinders but also in Adelaide offer free brunch, free lunch or free light meals. You need to check email regularly, join the community group on social network to find the suitable event for you 🙂

    Hope my tips help you much!

    You can contact me via my FAN: tran0467

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