Media and Communications Workshop for Researchers – Get in Quick!

From RiAus:

“The presentation of science in the media is not just the responsibility of the reporting journalist. Scientists too can help in the crafting and delivery of high quality science media and by remaining involved they will help ensure that they no longer find their work misquoted, or worse blown out of proportion. But what can scientists do to help?

By dedicating a small amount of time to considering how your research will be presented you can help your Communications Teams achieve more and get your researched talked about.

RiAus, in association with the National Enabling Technologies Strategy, has developed a two hour workshop where attendees will work through the development of a basic communications strategy and the pitfalls of poor planning.

The workshop is suitable for all science professionals involved in research, communications or policy roles.

Moderated by RiAus Director (and former journalist) Dr Paul Willis with expert assistance provided by Kylie Andrews from the ABC this session will help you understand the media process from plan to print.”

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