Data management support – it’s coming

Over the last year, eResearch@Flinders has been working on a system that will assist Flinders researchers to manage their datasets. When it is finished, the system will allow researchers to register their dataset, create a data management plan and lay the foundation of a “catalogue” record that will enable information about the dataset to be shared around the world via Research Data Australia.

Doing this will raise the profile of those datasets and the researchers that created them – hopefully leading to new collaborations and the reuse of data where possible.

However, while for some disciplines this will be nothing new, it will be new for others.

At this stage, the project is not finished. But we’re getting closer. We have been working with the Research Services Office and other institutions to hopefully develop something that will be easy to use and bring with it some benefits including a trigger to make data management planning something that is considered early in the research process, a data management plan to support funding requests and a means by which eResearch@Flinders can target projects that could benefit from new eResearch tools.

Watch this space.

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