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My name is Will, I am about to commence my second year within a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) at Flinders.

The advantage of studying a Bachelor of Arts is the amount of elective space available. This allowed for me to have room for the New Colombo Plan funded study tour to Indonesia at the end of 2019. This study tour was focused around International Relations and Political Science, however I found that I still learned many valuable skills including diplomacy and public relations throughout the 14-day tour.

We visited multiple regions within Indonesia, beginning in Yogyakarta, Makassar and finally Jakarta. The trip was a great chance for me to step out of my comfort zone as I had never travelled to Asia previously. The difference in culture was a welcomed surprise, everyone we met were very accommodating which helped greatly with the adjustment.

This trip is sponsored by the Australian Government through the New Colombo Plan which allowed me to attend this tour within minimal funding required on my behalf. This meant that I could focus on the fantastic experiences throughout the trip without worrying about the finances behind it all.

32 students attended the study tour, I believe that I now have 31 new friends that I can see around campus and catch up with regularly. It is a great social experience for those looking to broaden their knowledge of Asia, Indonesia, and the political system within Indonesia.

Some of the highlights included attending the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, where we met Pak Pratikno (Minister of State Secretariat of Indonesia), staying in a Homestay in Yogyakarta where we learned how to cook traditional Indonesian cuisine and visiting the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. We also had Indonesian language classes through the first few days, this allowed for us to further immerse ourselves in Indonesian culture.

This tour ran outside of regular semesters (22 November- 9 December), just after the semester two exam period. This allowed time for me to finish my first year of study, whilst also being home in time for the festive season ahead.

I had a fantastic experience studying abroad, and I am very grateful for Flinders and the New Colombo Plan for the opportunity to participate in an engaging and enjoyable learning/social experience.


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