Do you have a cancer collaborator in the UK, Italy or Spain?

Accelerator award: Cancer Research UK, GB and other funders

Closing date: 6th May

Application Form

Cancer Research UK, in cooperation with the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) and the Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (FC AECC), invites submissions for its accelerator award. This enables progress in translational cancer through the development of tools, platforms and skills that form the foundation of research by cross-institutional teams. Research should have clear potential for patient or public impact to reduce the burden of cancer. Funded programmes typically have multiple strands, which may include:

  • producing datasets, tissue banks, cell lines or models;
  • developing methods, protocols, software and standards;
  • training, skills and knowledge sharing.

Applications are accepted from a wide range of fields including preclinical studies, biomarkers, imaging, radiotherapies, engineering and physical sciences.

Teams must be led by a PI based in the UK, Italy or Spain who is an established academic or clinical cancer researcher. PIs must be either based at a CRUK centre, the Francis Crick Institute, an FC AECC certified cancer centre in Spain, or affiliated to the AIRC in Italy. If the PI is based in Spain or Italy, the team must include at least one co-investigator based at a CRUK centre or the Crick Institute. There is no limit to the amount of co-investigators or collaborators. Those that do not meet these criteria may be included but will not receive funding.

The award is worth up to £1 million per year for up to five years and covers technical staff, project management staff, academic appointments, consumables, equipment, training and PhD studentships, networking costs and patient involvement costs.

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