World-wide Cancer Research Grant round

Our goal is to support research that seeks to answer the difficult questions in cancer biology. We are looking for innovative and truly novel ideas that have the potential to revolutionise our understanding of cancer and how to beat it.

We award project grants of 12 to 36 months in length to support basic, fundamental or translational research into the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of cancer. We do not prioritise any field of research within this; we welcome research that draws on epidemiological, behavioural and clinical data to provide a starting point for a new avenue of research. Multidisciplinary or discipline-hopping projects are encouraged where this helps stimulate innovation.

Your application for funding must meet the remit of our Research Strategy and the criteria for funding set out in our application handbook and detailed

Closing date: Friday 3 April 2020

PLEASE NOTE: we will be capping the number of applications at 500.

As of this morning (7 March) the number of submitted grants was 7.




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