NHMRC Ideas  and Cancer Australia applicants: Internal Peer Review available

Please be aware that for those within CMPH,  Suzanne Atkins and Rebecca Cook will still continue to help you develop your applications regardless of whether you participate in the Internal Peer Review process.

NHMRC Ideas 

Internal Peer Review is available for NHMRC Ideas Grants and will take place from 13 – 26th May.  Please ensure that are ALL documents are reasonably well developed so a review will give you valuable feedback.

Internal Peer Review process:

  1. The specific Theme Leader will be contacted, along 3 other reviewers identified by them and a date of actual review determined (if you are not in CMPH then we will determine based on your Synopsis which Theme Leader you should be allocated to)
  2. Reviewers emailed ALL relevant documents.
  3. Zoom meeting set with the applicant; the 4 peer reviewers and an RDS member.
  4. 30 minutes maximum per review.
  5. Don’t forget there is an expectation of being a reviewer yourself.
  6. Minimum data is due on the 13th May  with submission to the NHMRC due 10th June.


Cancer Australia

Please notify rebecca.cook@flinders.edu.au  ASAP of your intention to apply for a Cancer Australia Grant.  You will be emailed specific application forms and information about the option for an Internal Peer Review process for Cancer Australia.



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