Academic & Professional research staff survey:  continuous improvement of the supervision culture 

At the College Retreat in March, a discussion topic focussed on the imperative to enhance the experience of our Early and Mid-Career Academics, acknowledging that great supervision is absolutely critical to growing research and teaching excellence, and shaping the careers of future leaders.

To develop ways of further improving supervision in the College, a working group was subsequently formed (Chaired by Dr Alyce Martin as Co-Chair of the EMCA Network) and has developed a brief survey to collect information about the practice and culture of current supervision, our strengths, and areas for improvement.

Responses from the survey will be confidential. Only the Chairs of the working group and the Gender, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (GIDE) Committee will have access to the raw data (noting the survey is anonymous). Aggregated responses will be presented to the College and FHMRI Executives to help identify strengths, areas for further support, and how improvements in supervision can occur.

Your participation will help to inform future initiatives. Please complete the survey here.

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