NOW OPEN – HDR Main Round scholarship applications

Please note: closes on 1 October 2022 for 2023 grant.  

Eligible applicants will be considered for an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (AGRTPS), ($28,854 tax free at 2022 rate) Flinders University Research Scholarship (FURS)    ($28,854 tax free at 2022 rate) or Professor Lowitja O’Donoghue Indigenous Student Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Other scholarships may be offered in the main round.

Awardees who make satisfactory progress receive a tax-free living allowance for up to three years full-time study for a Doctorate by Research, or up to two years for Masters by Research. Awardees are entitled to paid recreation and sick leave and, in some cases, paid parenting leave. Students relocating from interstate or overseas may also be eligible to claim an allowance for travel expenses and relocation costs to Adelaide.

To find out more, visit Flinders University Scholarship web page, click here.

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