Summer Green News

Hello readers and welcome to summer. Here we are again in that hot, dry time of the year that some people love and other people hate. […]

Green News July/August

Boy has it been cold out there. This July has been one of the chilliest on record and also one of the driest. You can tell […]

Green News May / June

Isn’t it funny that the last green news opened with: “Does anybody out there know how to do a rain dance? It’s dry as old bones […]

March/April Green News

Does anybody out there know how to do a rain dance? If so, we’d like you to start dancing now. It’s as dry as old bones […]

January / February Green News

Half way through summer, only one day over 44 degrees and then temperatures in the low twenties with 30-40 mm of rain, thunder and lightning! The […]

October Green News

Well here we are in October half way through spring and still no substantial rain since early August. Ask any South Aussie farmer and they will […]

August Green News

August 31st is the official end of winter, and spring is just around the corner. Get ready for some clear still nights, frosty mornings and hopefully […]

July Green News

Rain, rain and more glorious rain. What a great start to winter! The creeks are flowing, the reservoirs are filling, the soil is soaking up the […]