Investigator Garden visit

Members of the Australian Garden History Society (AGHS) visited Flinders on Sunday for a guided tour of garden areas on the Bedford Park campus, and in particular the Flinders Investigator Garden.

The tour, organised by the Development and Alumni team from the Marketing and Communications Office, included the courtyard gardens in Social Sciences North and South as well as a walk around the top section of Central Park.

AGHS members heard from University Grounds Operations Supervisor, Mr Stephen Hoare, and retired staff member Dr Lance McCarthy who conceived the idea of a garden to permanently recognise the work and achievements of those on the Investigator with a display of plants and documents from the voyage in one location.

In 2008, the University created the basis of a Flinders Investigator Garden in Central Park, above the lake. The Garden is defined by a gravel path linking the planting zones, a start and finish point and a “resting place”.  Several temporary signs are located along the path. The entrance to the Garden is adjacent to the Engineering building.

This was the first visit by a community group to the Garden and AGHS members were unanimous in their praise for the project.

Many of the plants in the Garden are currently in flower – so why not take a walk during your lunch break and have a look?

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