Flinders wins OLT Extension Grant

Staff at Flinders have received an Office of Learning and Teaching Extension Grant.

These grants are an important part of the OLT grant cycle as they are awarded to allow further work on existing projects, enabling them to be established and then disseminated to good effect. In this case, the grant was awarded to an OLT project initiated in 2009, titled “A collaborative multi-faceted approach to address the gaps between student expectation and experience at university”.

The two Flinders staff members involved are Dr Ann Luzeckyj from the Centre for University Teaching (who is leading the extension project) and Ms Karen Burke Da Silva from the School of Biological Sciences. They are working with staff from the University of Adelaide and UniSA to disseminate  their initial project findings to universities in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

The success of the OLT extension grant demonstrates how teaching and learning projects can bring together a wide range of talent and experience to enhance and support the student experience.

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