6 thoughts on “Mobile food and coffee

  1. I think this is a good initiative but it only covers a small percentage of the day. As many classes continue in the Education Building until 8pm it would be great to try and encourage a few healthy food options – like vending machines that have healthy choices in them if people dont want to physically visit the area with their products.This could be something to investigate for the future.

  2. It would be so good if some of the Food/Lunch Trucks could be up in Carpark 15 for those who are up the hill so we can grab a quick lunch. It would be great to have the Vietnamese Truck up during the semester break as well for staff members!

  3. A huge thank you to the admin person who rosters all the mobile food and coffee vans. You do an excellent job. It is great to finally have decent coffee, and the food is always good. And it is nice to be served by people who are actually happy to see you!

  4. Can you let us know where the mobile food and coffee vans will be located next week when work starts on the plaza. It would be sad if I missed out on my daily coffee.

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