Social enterprise competition for undergraduate students

Flinders University is again participating in ‘The Big Idea’, a social enterprise concept and planning competition organised by The Big Issue.  Please promote it to your students.

The Big Idea is an inter-university social enterprise concept and planning competition for undergraduate students, open to students from across the university. Not only are there great prizes to be won, but participation provides a unique learning experience.

The competition will be conducted across semester 2, with the finals to be held in Melbourne.  It requires students, working in teams, to develop an idea for a social enterprise, which si a business which operates on a not-for-profit basis and whose primary aim is to in some way assist a disadvantaged group in the community.

There are two options for Flinders students to compete, namely on an extra-curriculum basis or in a manner which enables them to earn credit towards their degree (depending upon the degree requirements).

For further information about The Big Idea contact Kevin Kirchner in the Flinders Business School,  Additional information is also available from The Big Idea website.

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