Lecture to look at the future of aid

SchechAs part of the “Research for the Real World” Professionals Lecture Series, Professor Phyllis Tharenou, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences. invites you and your colleagues to attend an event presented by Professor Susanne Schech of the School of International Studies on Tuesday 24 February 2015 at Flinders University Victoria Square.

The lecture, Australia’s role in global poverty reduction – are we a good partner for development?, will address questions related to development and the fight against poverty in the light of the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

Are international aid relations becoming more equitable, and if so, how and why? How does Australian Aid understand and implement the idea of partnerships for development? Does Australian development volunteering contribute to building genuine partnerships? The lecture will explore these questions in order to inform current global discussions about what the future of aid should be.

Professor Schech is director of the Centre for Development Studies at Flinders, one of the first such centres in Australia providing postgraduate training in international development.

For further information and to register, go here.

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