Public lecture on nuclear politics with Haydon Manning

HaydonProfessor Phyllis Tharenou, Executive Dean of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences invites you and your colleagues to a lecture by Associate Professor Haydon Manning, School of Social and Policy Studies, on Matters Nuclear and Political Irony in South Australia.

Associate Professor Manning will outline a host of political ironies that envelope the current debate over the virtues,or otherwise, of South Australia hosting an international high grade nuclear waste repository. This most challenging policy proposal is likely to define State politics for decades and may well, given its boldness, affect the results of the election in March 2018.

The event will be on Tuesday, 12 April, beginning at 3.45pm for 4pm at Flinders University Victoria Square.

Refreshments will follow the 1 hour lecture.

Associate Professor Manning is a commentator in regional, local and national media on a wide range of political issues. His academic publications and newspaper opinion writing focus on a wide range of research interests including, voting behaviour, SA politics, uranium mining politics and political satire.


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