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RastonProfessor Colin Raston’s research on creating ‘smart packages’ from carbon nanotubes to treat cancerous tumours with targeted drugs was on the front page of the Advertiser. The story was syndicated in Newscorp papers around the country.

Research by Flinders biologists including Dr Diane Colombelli-Negrel that suggests a small upturn in little penguin numbers in South Australia was carried as a story by ABC Radio National, local and regional ABC radio stations, and also ran online.

The lifesaving potential of a biscuit that includes resistant starch as a way to avoid child deaths in developing countries in Africa and Asia received wide coverage for Flinders medical scientists led by Professor Graeme Young in the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics graduate Elissa Mortimer was interviewed.

These stories are only a sample of the coverage achieved by Flinders staff and activities in the past week. If you wish to receive daily summaries of the full media reports by email, please contact Charles Gent or Grant Smyth in OCE to be added to the distribution list.


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