Training device puts remote anatomy teaching in the picture

TablesA high-tech medical device likened to a human-sized, turbocharged iPad represents a revolutionary new era in Flinders University’s medical training for regional and rural areas of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Described as the most technologically advanced system for anatomy education in the world, Flinders has unveiled four Anatomage tables, enabling “autopsies” without a cadaver.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling officiated at the launch of the Anatomage tables at the Rural Clinical School in Renmark with live links to the devices in Adelaide, Darwin and Mount Gambier.

Professor Stirling said the Anatomage table uses high-resolution touch screen technology to replicate in the finest detail the human body in all its glory, with a magnitude of possible settings available such as radiological images and multiple pathologies.

“In an Australian first, Flinders’ purchase of four Anatomage tables will allow staff and students in Darwin, Mount Gambier and Renmark to link in to expertise in Adelaide in real time, with all participants seeing the identical procedure. It’s a game changer for medical training outside of capital cities,” he said.

The full story can be read in the Flinders news blog.

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