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wifi-full-signal-interface-symbol_318-49644Eduroam is the main Wi-Fi network used by the University. Eduroam is a world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

As a participating education institution, our staff and students can connect to Eduroam from any participating research or education institution. Eduroam is available in 76 territories around the world. Locally Eduroam is available in over 20 universities Australia wide.

Recently, Flinders University partnered with SA Health to make available Eduroam on SA Health’s Wi-Fi network across a large number of hospitals in South Australia. Next time you’re in a hospital visiting someone, waiting to see a doctor or recovering from surgery, take out your phone, laptop or tablet device and see if wireless access via Eduroam is available in that part of the hospital.

To connect to eduroam, type in your and your password and you’ll have access to the internet at no cost to you. The key is to type in your FAN, including This way the Eduroam service knows to send your authorisation request to Flinders University and then allow you access to Eduroam. This rule of thumb applies to any institution broadcasting Eduroam, outside of Flinders University.

If you want to know more about Eduroam or its availability, visit

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