Laser Spectroscopy Lab-themed SALA and Science Week exhibition

Energy patterns like those seen in Flinders’ Laser Spectroscopy Lab will feature in an exhibition during this year’s SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) and National Science Week.

The exhibition, titled “Quantum Conversations: Micro-Motion”, explores the microscopic motion of molecules using the quantum energy patterns they create from laser light, as seen in the Laser Spectroscopy Lab.

It runs until 1 September at The Artisan Café, 252 Main Rd, Blackwood.

A special opening event will be held this Thursday from 6-7.30pm, with wine and food on offer.

The exhibition is inspired by inclusion in Interalia Magazine’s May 2016 “Micro-choreography“ issue after a “call to artists and scientists for images of their work that aesthetically represent the dynamics of microscopic & molecular processes”.

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