Medical Students’ Society donates art to Anatomy Museum

Flinders Medical Students’ Society has donated eight striking pictures representing the diversity of anatomy to Flinders University’s Anatomy Museum.

The works were designed as part of the Surgical Careers Night 2016 and represent the areas of Ophthalmology, Plastic, Colorectal and Neurosurgery, Anaesthesiology, ENT, Orthopaedics and Cardiothoracic surgery.

All of the pictures are black and white illustrations of anatomical or chemical structures on pictures of a body.

According to the members of the Flinders University Student Society and Flinders Medical Student Society (who donated them) they reflect the “unapologetic traditional approach to the necessity of the privilege of cadaveric dissection” which Flinders SoM offers as one of the last Medical Schools in the country.

The museum is one of the best in Australia for the teaching of anatomy.

It features dissections from the human body that have been carefully prepared and mounted for display by the Museum staff.

This dissected material comes from bodies that have kindly been donated by South Australians and forms an essential component in the teaching process.

The Museum also houses a variety of anatomical models and charts – some of which have been made here – radiographs and computer based materials.

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