The power of blockchain technology revealed

The Current Directions Blockchain Conference is coming up on 3 July at Flinders New Venture Institute at Tonsley.

Flinders staff are encouraged to take a look ‘under the hood’ of blockchain technology and understand its implications for cybersecurity and intellectual property rights.

The program is suitable for anyone with an interest in business, policy, finance, law, defence, health management and energy.

Keynote speaker and author of Down The Rabbit Hole, Tim Lea, says:

“Blockchain is so powerful it has the power to disrupt almost every avenue of economic behaviour. The technology is complex and far from easy to understand, but once you understand it, you can unlock its power and potential. Blockchain is just like the internet was in 1995 – raw but full of potential. Twenty years on – just see where the internet has taken us; how many significant brands have been created. The technology has been the domain of cryptographic, technical geniuses, with brain the size of several solar systems rolled into one. But now, it is ripe for business people, like you, to understand.”

Industry exemplars currently investigating and using blockchain technology will share their real life, front-line experiences, including CISCO, ADCCA, Civic Ledger, Leading Directions, AgriDigital, Rights Commerce and OpSys.

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