Exercise scientist practises what she teaches

The message that exercise is a vital part of healthy living has been reinforced by the recent competition success of Associate Professor Claire Drummond, Head of Exercise Science/Clinical Exercise Physiology at Flinders.

Having long emphasised to her students the need to be regularly active to combat increasingly sedentary lifestyles, Associate Professor Drummond ensures she prioritises health and fitness in her own life.

At the recent National Surf Lifesaving Championships in Perth, WA, Associate Professor Drummond and her team of four Masters women won the bronze medal in the final of the Beach Sprint relay.

The intensity and competiveness in the Surf Life Saving Championships is extremely high, as it features former Olympians and International and National level competitors.

“It’s a feather in the cap for all those competing and staying as active as possible,” says Associate Professor Drummond.

“And it’s important that I practise what I preach, as I believe it provides legitimacy to the students in terms of what they are studying.”

Associate Professor Drummond is also a Co-Deputy Director of Flinders SHAPE Research Centre, which changed its name recently from the Sport, Health and Physical Education Research Centre to the Sport, Health, Activity, Performance and Exercise Research Centre.

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