Nankai students enjoy Flinders hospitality and stunning views

A tour for students and alumni from the Flinders / Nankai Master programs gave the visitors a valuable understanding of their partner university – and saw the Flinders Nankai team presented with a surprise gift.

The 29 guests from Beijing and Xi’an dined in Adelaide’s Citi Zen restaurant, ahead of a Flinders tour and morning tea the following day on 17 May 2018.

Amongst the guests was student Guo Jiayue, who is currently studying the Flinders / Nankai Master in Hospital Administration.

The Flinders team was delighted to be presented with an impressive calligraphy gift by Ms Guo Jiayue at the morning tea. The artwork, by recognised Chinese calligrapher, Cháo Dàishuāng, represents Ms Jiayue and her husband Niu Guangyu’s appreciation of the Master program and of Flinders University and its lecturers (with particular reference to Professor Arthur Van Deth), saying they are competent and wise.

The large symbols 金声玉振 form a phrase that the Chinese philosopher Mencius used to compliment Confucius and literally translates to ‘perfect start and perfect finish’.

Flinders delivers three transnational programs in partnership with Nankai University – the Master of Arts (International Relations in Economy and Trade), Master of Hospital Management, and Master of Educational Leadership and Management.

The trip was funded by the students and gave them a Flinders/Australian experience, while helping to foster long-term relationships between Flinders University and Alumni in China.

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