Introducing high-tech fitness motivation

Flinders Sport and Fitness is introducing a new fitness tracker – heavily discounted for early adopters – that accurately monitors workout effort and displays results on a gym monitor or smart phone app, while storing data for later viewing and tracking of progress.

Myzone is a heartrate-monitoring device that consists of a comfortable chest strap which records exercise data and wirelessly uploads to devices, so individuals can understand their efforts as they workout – including heart rate and energy used (calories or kilojoules) – rather than relying on guidelines, weight lifted or perceptions of exertion.

The key benefit is its motivational aspect, with wearers able to see their workout data on a viewing screen and accurately gauge their intensity, adjusting their efforts as desired.

Myzone belts are available for purchase from the reception desk at Flinders Sport and Fitness, with the first 20 available at the wholesale price of just $99 rather than the $199 recommended retail, ahead of the fitness centre’s Myzone launch on 24 July.

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