Politics expert talks science

Hosted by recent Tall Poppy winner Dr Rodrigo Praino, a Science Week event is set to engage and educate attendees on the science of politics through interactive activities and discussion.

Dr Praino says everyone living in a democracy engages with politics, makes political decisions, and has the right to contribute to the affairs of the nation – and politics can be viewed scientifically.

This event, targeted to an adult audience, will include games and activities to demonstrate some interesting ways that science can help in an understanding of politics, voting and political behaviour in general.

Dr Praino will be supported at the event by Dr Rob Manwaring, Associate Professor Cassandra Star, lecturer Jacqui McCann and PhD student Paige Fletcher.

No prior knowledge is required and teenagers, particularly those interested in science or current affairs, will gain much from the engaging format. Staff with children in this demographic are encouraged to bring them along!

Where: Flinders University, 1st Floor 182 Victoria Square

When: Monday 13 Aug, 5:00 to 7.30pm

RSVP:  This is a free event, but registration is required – online

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