Is Australia ready for driverless cars?

A lecture on Monday 24 September by Professor Tania Leiman will explore the legal implications of driverless cars and how they will fit within existing legal frameworks.

Autonomous vehicles could soon be a reality on Australian roads and while their introduction could have significant benefits to society, what happens when things go wrong?

As a director of the Flinders Blockchain Alliance and a member of the Legal sub-group of the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative’s Policy & Risk Group, Associate Professor Leiman, Dean of Law at Flinders University, is an expert on legal implications with the introduction of new technology. Her research interests include automated vehicles, blockchain, disruption in the legal profession, artificial intelligence and legal technology, and the future of legal education.

Event details

Where: Flinders University, Victoria Square, Room 1/ Level 1

When: Monday 24 September, 5:30 – 8:30pm, (includes drinks and nibbles to follow the lecture)

RSVP: Register via the Flinders University Events page

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