Getting carbon fibres to stick

A molecular science seminar on 20 September will feature Associate Professor Luke Henderson, from the Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin University, who will present on manipulating the surface chemistry of carbon fibres for better adhesion to composites.

Carbon fibre composites are considered a key material for the future, which consist of plastics that have been reinforced with carbon fibres in a woven or unidirectional fabric. Despite their promise, the maximum translation of performance from a fibre to a composite is around 50%, with most performance lost due to poor adhesion of the fibres to the surrounding plastic because of incompatible surface chemistries.

This seminar will summarise recent approaches to increase fibre-to-matrix adhesion.

Event details

Seminar: Manipulation of interfaces for composite materials: Manipulating the surface chemistry of carbon fibres for enhanced fibre-to-matrix adhesion

Where:  Room 0304 Physical Sciences, Flinders University Bedford Park
When:  Thursday 20 September, midday
RSVP is not required. Contact Nathan O’Brien for more information.

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