Access changes to Sturt Road and Main South Road

Right turns from Sturt Road into Main South Road will be temporarily removed and Sturt Road traffic moved onto the new Sturt Road bridge from this weekend, Saturday 27 October 2018.

For eastbound traffic on Sturt Road wanting to travel:

  • To Flinders Drive – turn right into Laffer Drive, left onto the Flinders Drive extension and onto Flinders Drive
  • South on Main South Road – turn left onto Main South Road, right at Sutton Road/ Mimosa Drive bridge then onto Main South Road

For westbound traffic on Sturt Road wanting to travel:

  • North on Main South Road – use Shepherds Hill Road

Key information

  • Laffer Drive on-street car parking has been removed between Sturt Road and Flinders Drive extension and the right hand turn lane from Sturt Road into Laffer Drive will be extended
  • The right turn from Laffer Drive onto Sturt Road will be temporarily removed
  • Changes apply to bus stop 28 on South Road (check the project sheet for more information)
  • The new bridge at Sutton Road/ Mimosa Terrace will be partially open
  • Changes remain in place until the completion of the project

These works are subject to change. More information, maps and details for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users can be found on the Darlington Upgrade Project website and the fact sheet on the current works and upcoming activities page.

Keep up to date

  • Visit: the Darlington Upgrade Project website
  • Call the project office on 1300 759 334 or drop in to the project site office
  • Email:
  • Download the app for real time delay information:
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