Excellence recognised in criminology teaching

Dr Marinella Marmo, Associate Professor in Criminology from Flinders’ College of Business, Government and Law, was recently honoured with the Australian and NZ Society of Criminology’s inaugural Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The award, presented at the annual ANZSOC Conference, recognises a teacher making a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning in Criminology, Criminal Justice and related disciplines.

“My vision and role is to build a unique trajectory of life-changing experience embedded in the discipline of Criminology, to support development of early career pathways,” explains Dr Marmo about her role.

“I have achieved this by introducing a multi-modal learning approach encompassing an individualised focus on students incorporating significant experiential learning opportunities embedded in criminological theories and linked to assessable outcomes.”

She notes that establishing such strong early career pathways is particularly important for women, who comprise the vast majority of the Flinders Honours cohort and will help shift a current significant under-representation of women in South Australian criminal justice agencies.

Dr Marmo’s contribution to student learning at the Honours level in criminology has previously been recognised by the Flinders University EHL Faculty through an award for excellence in teaching in 2011, and nationally through an Australian Awards for University Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2012.

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